• Premium notebooks for creatives.

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Our notebooks are the perfect tool for designers and creatives, and the ideal format for everyday use.

The perfect everyday carry tool for UX/UI and Product Designers.

Help make a positive difference. We pledge to donate proceeds from the sale of our notebooks to help the next generation of young creatives around the world.

The perfect everyday notebook, designed with quality in mind. Free shipping within the UK.

A premium product with a fine attention to detail. The landscape notebook is perfect for working in cramped workspaces, coffee shops, and ideal for placing in front of your keyboard while typing, working or running remote workshops.

Matte black hardcover (2mm thick)
160 pages (80 sheets) of 160gsm white paper
Black metal ring binding
apad. logo embossed on front cover
6.25" x 12.25" / 160mm x 310mm (w x h)

Mobile wireframes option also available - each page includes three pre-printed mobile wireframes perfect for UX, Product and UI designers.

Minimal and clean design
Lay flat design and widescreen experience
Ideal for full page image capture with cameras on today's smartphones

Free shipping within the UK.

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"The notebooks are incredible. An amazing cause."

Kate Lawson

"Just got my apads. thank you! Excited to use them."

Jamie Jarabejo-Brown

"My apad has just arrived, and it looks ace! Will aim to do it justice from January onwards."

Alex Zurita

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create these notebooks?

Our journey began with the frustration of the widely available notebooks that are not suitable for the workspaces and nomadic lifestyle of many creatives. We took notice of some of these pain points and in turn, we now aim to inspire everyday solutions to help designers and creatives all over the world - through our line of notebooks we want to ensure there are great ways to capture thoughts, imagination, workshop output and more.

What is your pledge to help?

We hope that by inspiring innovation on what some would consider a basic essential like an everyday notebook (for those that use them regularly), that this will allow us in turn to provide resources for the younger creatives and designers who need them the most. Through our pledge to donate a fixed percentage of our profits, you can rest assured that your purchase of our products will go towards inspiring the creatives of tomorrow.

What if I want to buy in bulk?

If you want to place an order for a large number of notebooks, please contact us using our contact form, or email hello@apadnotebooks.com. We’ll certainly try to accommodate your needs.

When will my order ship?

We aim to process all orders as soon as we receive them and we aim to get them out to you as quick as we can. Please keep in mind that we try our best to give our customers the best experience possible however, we are not responsible for any delays in the delivery or by any unforeseen circumstances. All orders are dispatched from Monday - Saturday.

What if I want a refund?

You may cancel your order at any point before your order has been dispatched. Should you wish to return an item within 7 days of purchasing, please contact us at hello@apadnotebooks.com and we will organise this for you. Please note that you will have to pay for a postage fee.Returned items must be in the same condition when received, Tags must still be in place and the item should not have been used.

Are you developing anything else?

Yes! We are working on furthering our product range - we are working on a notebook for Product/UX designers to help with mobile wireframing and sketching. We are also looking at creating bundles for people that are interested in sketchnoting or for capturing ideas during workshops.